Church Marketing Consultant

Churches of all sizes need help increasing the visibility of their mission. Find support for your social or digital efforts. As an executive pastor, founder of a Christian digital agency, and a seasoned marketing and operations executive it would be my honor to help your church with training, coaching, or direct support.

Biblically Rooted

Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)
For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

Church Marketing Phases

Churches often find themselves in one of three marketing organizational phases: foundation building, growth, and acceleration. I have found that most churches do not actually lack the people to get their marketing efforts going, but rather the ability to provide them with clarity, direction, resources, and tools. A church may find itself balancing in the gap of one or more of these phases.  Breakthrough can happen quickly in Jesus name.

Jimmy Bogroff, Church Marketing Consultant

Jimmy Bogroff is the founder of several Christian marketing-related companies. Since 2007 he has been working in the fields of digital and social marketing.


Church Marketing Foundation

The foundational building of a church’s marketing plan most commonly has elements that include basic website functions, Google tool usage, social media platform evaluation, and the usage of volunteers and lay people.


Church Marketing Growth

As a church grows, it is often in a fragile place, balancing talents, treasure, and time. This is often where the church starts asking questions like: which content should we be promoting, what stories should we be telling, or should we hire an expert for (insert marketing need here)?


Church Marketing Acceleration

At times, this phase of church marketing can feel like you are building the airplane while flying. Too often churches are spending excessive time evaluating every data point, lacking the ability, or the experience to prioritize decisions from their data.

Church Marketing Phase One: Foundational Building

I’d love to help you with some of the basic, foundational elements of a church marketing plan.  Here are some of the factors to consider when starting to market your church.

Church Website Basic Functions

Your church website should have some basic minimum functions and content.  For example, does your website function the same on all devices (responsive design)? Is your website focused on your audience and their needs, or on your church’s needs?


How Can My Church Use Google?

Google has a powerful set of tools.  Google Search Console, Google Business Profile, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Google Workspace are a few that you may have heard of.  But what about YouTube? Yep, it’s owned by Google. And it is the second-largest search engine on the planet.

What Social Media Platforms Need To Be Included In My Church Marketing Plan?

Your audience is seeking ways to connect with Christian content. One of the biggest opportunities for the local church is to share sermons, bible studies, group activities and other “day in the life of” content.

How Should Churches Utilize Volunteers In Their Church Marketing Plan?

The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few.  So when we get that volunteer, we want to have an idea of how to point them in the right direction.  I’d love to give you some suggestions on how you can help your volunteers to have clarity and fulfillment in their promotional and marketing activities for your church.

Fearless Influence helped us meet our SEO goals and then some! They helped us start and enhanced our ad reach and social media marketing, while still considering the spiritual needs of our church as an area of importance as well.

Victoria Sumner, The Warehouse Church OTR (Cincinnati)

Church Marketing Phase Two: Growth

Once you have a foundation, it is time to invest in growing your digital and social presence.

In this phase, your church is considering how to invest its time, talent, and treasure.  There is likely a thoughtful discussion being conducted about how the church’s “brand” should be communicated, how to create experiences like posts, stories, reels, or more, and you might be asking whether you need a pastor’s blog or other digital communication like a newsletter.

What Content Should be Included In My Church Marketing Plan?

Every week your pastor preaches a message. Every week there’s a few key points of communication to help the audience stay connected to the Word of God. Now it is time to align this to the resources available to your church.

How Can My Church Brand Itself?

A good starting point for this is to have a consistent presence on your website and all social media channels. How does it look? Can someone tell that it is the same church?

What Role Should Storytelling Play In My Church Marketing Plan?

Stories can be told on every platform.  Are you conversation-focused? Have a few influencers already on board? Get some chatter going and watch the stories catch fire!

How Can I Utilize Freelancers To Support My Church Marketing Efforts?

There are talented experts everywhere.  I’m constantly meeting with people who are looking to leave a secular role to help the church improve its marketing. A great freelancer loves Jesus, is an expert in their field, and integrates with your process.

“Jimmy consistently delivered tangible results that exceeded expectations while offering superior customer service. With Jimmy on our account, I am confident I’m getting the latest and greatest recommendations and industry information. He’s a pleasure to work with as well.”

Michael Saad, Executive Leader – Marketing

Church Marketing Phase Three: Acceleration

Church marketing plans can often stagnate after a period of consistent growth.  This is totally normal.  But breakthrough is just around the corner.

In this phase, it is critical to understand the role that data and testing have in your church’s marketing strategy. This is often where a church typically realizes just how much content they have access to, but feel like they can’t quite figure out how to consistently reach their audience, or where to reach their audience. This is also the stage where churches will often assess whether it is more cost-effective to hire a full-time marketing employee or to hire an outside agency.

What Role Does Data Have In Church Marketing?

As you grow, you’ll find that you are analyzing significantly more data points.  What role does each data point have in understanding how people are finding your church? Is there data that can be ignored?

How Do I Test Church Marketing Strategies?

Every action taken by a visitor to your website or social platform can be tracked.  Now it is time to understand how to evaluate the performance, test outcomes, and run experiments.

How Do I Create More Content To Market My Church?

Churches are content factories! Most brands would love to produce weekly video content with rich notes, well-cited sources, and a consistent day that their audience expects to hear from them.  I can help you simplify your strategy, and unlock more opportunities using the content you already have!

Is Hiring An Agency Going to Accelerate Growth For My Church?

Agencies can be expensive (said the agency founder). It might be a good idea to evaluate your church’s resources (people, tools, partners), before deciding to pay an agency. This is a decision you want to get right.